Walkabout3d Mobile is a brand new app for the iPhone, . It allows SketchUp users to generate and view panoramas of their designs directly on an iPhone. It also lets users share these views with their clients. This is a brand new, easy to use and very intuitive way of communicating SketchUp designs.

The main features of Walkabout3D Mobile are:

Free to try

WalkAbout3d Mobile is currently a free download in the iPhone App Store, , and is compatible with the Trial version of WalkAbout3d

Easy to generate media for the Mobile app

Whilst walking through a SketchUp design in WalkAbout3d, simply click the "Generate Panorama" button.

Share designs with clients

A really exciting and innovative way of communicating design ideas with clients.

Automatic alignment with the iPhone's orientation

The Walkabout3d now allows you to generate panoramic views as you walk through a SketchUp design and allows you to categorize and describe each one for display within the iPhone app.

Each panoramic view can be geo-referenced

This allows users to find the exact location of each panoramic view on a map view within the app. The geo-referencing is surprisingly easy to achieve: by simply geo-referencing a SketchUp model within SketchUp, all location details will be brought through into Walkabout3d automatically. An actual visit to a site enables users to walk to the correct position to view the panorama.

Sharing of panoramas is done through upload of the panorama project to webspace of your choosing, and we are working on a "user account system" for the WalkAbout3d website to allow users an simple way to access and share their WalkAbout3d Mobile projects from.

A tutorial describing the workflow used in generating the panoramic views in WalkAbout3d is available here.

Down load the app here

A video showing WalkAbout3d Mobile in action.