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WalkAbout3d Home WalkAbout3d Version 2 Now Available!

WalkAbout3d allows SketchUp users to explore their designs as a full screen real-time walkthrough - all at the press of a button. WalkAbout3d has anaglyph stereoscopic support as standard.

Whilst SketchUp is arguably the best 3d design tool around, it does stop short of real time walk-through visualisation. However with very little effort SketchUp users can now use WalkAbout3d to walk through their designs in realtime, in full-screen and optionally in stereo – there is not an easier or better way to explore and experience a SketchUp. By pressing the WalkAbout3d plugin button in SketchUp, choosing your avatar height, you'll be immersed in the design, with the ability to move through the design taking any route you choose. Also with the "Publish" function, you can let your clients do this too, in conjunction with the free-to-download-and-distribute WalkAbout3d Viewer.

In short, by using WalkAbout3d you can easily gain extra value from your design efforts, and also share this with your clients.

Download the free trial and test out your designs now. The tutorial page shows you how easy it is to get from SketchUp to a real time walk through.

Walkthrough SketchUp designs
Record walkthroughs, and create videos
Full screen, 1st and 3rd person views
Walkabout3d Mobile iPhone/iPad app
Joystick controller support
Walkabout3d lets you load a sketchup model and walk around it - simple as that. Real time walkthroughs let you experience the design in an extremely intuitive way giving you a very quick and easy way of exploring a design, irrespective of whether you choose a stereo viewing mode or not.
The new "scenarios" feature lets you record a walkthrough for inclusion in a published file, and also lets you create a video file (avi) of a walkthrough. Doing this in SketchUp is very time consuming - in WalkAbout3d it takes minutes!


Being able to switch to full screen mode means that you can utilise the whole screen area and gives a more "immersive" feel to the design.

At the push of a button you can create geo-referenced panoramas for viewing on iPhone/iPad. This is an amazingly intuitive and tactile way of viewing a design, especially when the panorama is aligned to the iDevices's orientation and direction. And the iDevice's portability obviously allows for on-site visualisation too.
WalkAbout3d can be configured to use any windows compatible game controller - you must have DirectX installed (standard in XP and Vista). In addition, we have added support for 3DConnexion's Space Navigator 3d mouse.
Publish your Sketchup designs for use in the free WalkAbout3d viewer application, or to a Single-exe which combines the WalkAbout3d viewing software and the published design into a single file.